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Homeowners save an average of $320 a month when refinancing with RedDoor. Stop waiting for a better rate — discover your savings today!

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Mortgage rates change daily based on the market. The rates displayed assume a 740+ FICO score and 50% LTV.

The simplest way to refinance

RedDoor is backed by 70+ lenders and offers more than 1,000 loan options. Discover your savings today with a commitment-free quote. There is no credit impact to see what you qualify for!

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Don’t spend hours on-line or on the phone, use the RedDoor app to get your options instantly at today’s lowest rate, with no commitments or credit impact.

Chat With Experts

When you have a question, RedDoor’s expert team is always available. You can chat from wherever you are and get expert advice.

No Points. No Origination Fees

You're refinancing to save money, right? Use the RedDoor app to see exactly what your refinance will cost, and often there is even credit available to help you save even more!
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How much can RedDoor save you?

RedDoor delivers a truly effortless refinance experience — get your custom rates and loan options sent via email, or download the app to instantly access your options.

Mortgage rates change daily based on the market. The rates displayed assume a 740+ FICO score and 50% LTV.

It’s your data, not ours.

We care deeply about your privacy and promise that you will always own your data. We take this seriously, and we are both CCPA and GDPR compliant. Every time we collect data, we redact the sensitive private information and store it separately and securely using a super strong encryption method (AES 256). We will never sell your information and promise to not harass you with calls and emails.

Weston Shepard, Head of Marketing
Weston Shepherd
Head of Marketing

Instead of dozens of calls, texts, and emails trying to sell a mortgage, RedDoor empowers you to move at your own pace.

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Skip the paperwork and days of waiting — RedDoor technology streamlines the refinancing experience from start to finish.
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How Low Can Your Payment Be?
Browse custom loan options at today's best rates and select what works best for YOU.
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How Much Credit Can You Get?
RedDoor never charges points or origination fees, plus every time there is lender credit available, we pass it on to you (while other lenders may keep it for themselves).
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How Much Cash Can You Take Out?
Access your equity with a cash-out refinance — take what you need to tackle home improvements or any of life's expenses.
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