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It's time for change. Equality, Accessibility, Affordability. RedDoor stands for you.

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Effortless? Absolutely.

Our complicated technology makes the process simple for you - and our expert loan officers are there when you need them.

Verified? Really.

Our proprietary technology verifies the data you provide, instantly. When the data isn’t available, we may ask a few questions through the chat.

Secure? Definitely.

We care about your privacy so we promise your data is never sold and we take seriously the ways we store and secure it.

Our super,
powerful team.

We are real estate professionals, mortgage experts, technologists, and designers who believe it’s beyond time for a new experience.

Our advisors

We are surrounded by experienced advisors who guide execution on our mission to deliver real change to the real estate industry.

Advisor Ken Jenny working with RedDoor

Ken Jenny

Trancen, Prior Trulia,
Prudential, Coldwell Banker,
Advisor Alex Villacorta, PhD working with RedDoor

Alex Villacorta, PhD

ResiShares, Prior: House Canary, Clear Capital
Advisor Kevin Cloyd working with RedDoor

Kevin Cloyd

ECC Capital
Prior: Carrington Holdings,
Prospect Mortgage, Ameripath
Advisor Yuri Sagalov working with RedDoor

Yuri Sagalov

Prior: RedBooth, AeroSF,
Spider Capital,
Y Combinator Partner
Advisor Oleg Kaganovich working with RedDoor

Oleg Kaganovich

Prior: Wyndow, Frontier
Venture Capital
Advisor George Grellas working with RedDoor

George Grellas

Prior: Grellas Shah LLP (Silicon Valley Startup
Business Lawyers)
Advisor Aaron Stein working with RedDoor

Aaron Stein

Simple Highway, Prior: Digital Ocean, First Round

Some of our investors

RedDoor is backed by super powerful investors from the technology, real estate and mortgage industries.

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RedDoor’s mission is to deliver a game changing platform that cuts costs, accelerates timelines and accuracy, and delivers expertise from top professionals with technology accessible to everyone.
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