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  • RedDoor takes out a lot of headaches for me. When I need a pre-approval in the next few hours because a customer wants to submit an offer today, it's as easy as pushing a button.


    Real estate agent

    10+ years active • Sacramento
  • Let's be honest. The home buying process is daunting from start to finish. With RedDoor, I feel like I'm giving my customers a flashlight. They no longer procrastinate when it comes to getting pre-approved. The app basically cuts out the awkwardness of sharing personal information with me.


    Real estate agent

    15+ years active • Marin
  • I run into potential clients all the time, and I love talking to people. The fact that I can engage with them in a meaningful yet non-invasive way by getting them pre-approved in 60 seconds is amazing.


    Real estate agent

    25+ years active • Sacramento

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