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We believe that financing your home should be easy. So we built everything from the ground up getting rid of all the nonsense. No one has the time to search and upload documents and then wait days for the answer. Get your guaranteed pre-approval in 60 seconds and instantly share with your real estate agent.


There is no point in having a simple product if you end up getting a bad deal. So we made a commitment to build the smartest financing options on the market. Imagine access to interest rates at a wholesale price, location-based incentives and credits, reduced closing fees, and many other goodies that your lender won’t tell you about.


Home ownership is an amazing milestone in our lives. We believe that it should be a positive and fun experience. Our team works with you and your real estate agent as well as escrow, title, appraiser, and even your dog walker if you’d like so that you can just enjoy the journey.

How It Works

Create your credit profile

We start by understanding your credit profile.

  • We only ask a few questions.
  • Don’t worry, you don’t need to upload a single document*.
  • The information you provide is always secure with RedDoor.

    Find the smartest option

    We built our technology to customize and share with you the smartest financing options possible.

    • You can know all of your financing options, and when you tell us the property you have in mind, your options get even smarter.
    • Feel free to change the property and adjust your options to instantly see the impact on the loan terms.
    • At any time, you can click the magic button and get your pre-approval, as many times as you like.

      We do this together

      We’re right next to you when you need us.

      • If you have a real estate agent, we’ll provide them with everything they need to make a strong offer.
      • When your offer is accepted, your RedDoor loan officer will take care of everything until you get the keys to your new home.
      • You’ll also see when, where, and how to take care of your mortgage payments.

        Our Team

        Khaled Hussein RedDoor CEO

        Khaled Hussein


        A serial entrepreneur who believes in making home ownership accessible to everyone.
        Heather Harmon RedDoor Co-Founder

        Heather Harmon


        Third generation real estate broker and entrepreneur with a passion for technology and ideas that innovate.
        Ali Mackani RedDoor Co-Founder

        Ali Mackani


        Creative thinker and innovator with the drive to make a difference in peoples lives, one red door at a time.